On the right is the display of sunrise and sunset for various locations using the v3.3.0 module.

You need to know the latitude and longitude of the location you want the times for. West of Greenwich or South of the equator are entered as negative values. Google is your friend to find coordinates for a location.

This should now be working correctly for all timezones and locations - except inside the Arctic or Antarctic circle where the sun doesn't set or rise sometimes so it might throw an error. If you really want it do display times near the poles then it'll probably only be one line of code to trap the error and return an appropriate message - but right now I can't be arsed.

The text above and below the times is set in the module parameters. The styling is set in the module stylesheet mond_sunupdown.css found in the media/mod_sunupdown/css/ folder.

The times will be local time adjusted for daylight saving according to the time zone set in the parameters. If you want to display GMT then select London as the timezone.

NB - the optional display of time at the location is the time at the moment the module was last refreshed - it is NOT a clock

Download the module here