Last post June 2019 - WTF? Have I been asleep or just dreaming?

Truth is I haven't done any Joomla development since last June, and what time I have spent messing about with code has been more to do with configuring and organising tools used by other groups.

This has involved a bit of tinkering with two new-to-me systems - Discourse forum software and Nextcloud cloud storage. Both are written using large chunks of modern stuff I don't really understand and don't really want to get to grips with. Both are also tricky to hack around with as they require compiling, and in the case of Nextcloud which does at least have a php core it is very locked down - so it detects if any files have changed since it was compiled and barfs - often fatally.

Still I have managed to produce some 'Theme Components' for discourse, and do a fair bit of CSS based customisation for Nextcloud both of which I might get round to writing about.

Actually I used to have an OwnCloud instance running on a hard drive attached to my dsl modem/router for sharing files between devices in the house, and Nextcloud is built on Owncloud and so I have installed my own version on my web host.

And that's another thing that has eaten time over the past months - I finally decided to migrate away from TsoHost for webhosting and get myself a VPS package which gives a lot more flexibility - at the expense of having to brush up my very rusty Linux sysadmin skills. Possibly something else to write about.