So since the last post here I have spend most of my tech-time working on a suite of new Joomla Components to replace the flat-file catalogue of books and films that I have read or seen which exists only on my ageing Macbook using a no-longer-supported (or compatible with the latest macos) database app called Bento.


 I have been using Bento to record my notes on films and books more or less since I first got a Macbook (approx 2006) and have also imported some earlier data from a spreadsheet I used to use, so there is a considerable investment of time and information embedded in it. However it has limitations and for some time I have been looking for an online solution which does what I want with no success.

Hence the development of xbBooks and xbFilms, now in alpha test use and hopefully to be added to the extensions directory before the end of the year (2020 currently!).

In order to start building up some documentation I intend to post a series of short articles on here covering various aspects of the development - focusing more on the coding than the end user. We shall see if that intention holds good.

For now here is a screenshot of the main admin page for xbBooks