The visitors went home this morning and it rained - perfect opportunity to pick up on a long overdue task and update my SunUpDown Joomla module to work with Joomla v3 and incidentally extend it so that it can work outside Europe. No urgency, but I know that sooner or later the only one of my sites I use it on will need to go J3, and I had a few requests for it to work elsewhere - in the end I simply took it off JED in the hope that someone else would fill the gap.


This week at (paid) work I have been mostly grappling with what sounded like a simple task - displaying a 3d image and recording the reaction time for a keypress - that turned out to be both more complex and simpler than at first it seemed.


Well I have been dealing with various bits of mechanical and electronic hardware and computer firmware and software for all my working life and since the end of paid employment is in sight maybe its time to finally dump some of what I have learned or discovered (or failed to learn) so that I don't have to remember it any more.

Jobs I have done include instrument engineering, electronic design construction and maintenance, firmware and software development in many different languages, system analysis and design both hardware systems and software, technical product marketing and product lifecycle management, documentation production both end-user and technical, website design implementation and management, mobile application development on various platforms from Psion3 and Palm onwards, fixing and mending stuff, and some people management.

The intention here is both to document what I am currently doing as well as try and capture from memory things I have done in the past.

If you find any of this this useful send me a postcard showing something you love. You will find an address on theĀ contact page.

I don't promise to post regularly here, but since I'm still grappling with everyday engineering problems it might provide a place to have a wee rant or remind myself of something I was pleased with.

At the moment I haven't bothered to turn comments on - if you have a question you canĀ write me a letter which I will answer.


This is a sort of CV, but not one designed to appeal to a future employer as I have no intention of finding an employer in the future. Instead this is the top level of a more truthful reflection of the places I have learnt and worked.

Over time I will add more detail to the various elements of my life itinerary, but for starters this post provides an outline of the places and institutions involved.