In improving one of my Joomla components I found myself disappearing down a rabbit hole of confusion on t'internet over colour spaces, and in particular the differences between RGB, HSV, and HSL (plus of course for old TV hands like me YUV or Y'CrCb)

Joomla 3 has some strange restriction on the height of a modal popup in a component view. 

My workaround is this:

I have a problem with the xbCulture components when it comes to uninstalling them.

When a link points to an anchor within a page (like this ) the page opens with the target right at the top of the window which can make it a bit hard to follow.

A simple way to improve it is to add the following style

[id] {
	scroll-margin-top: 1.75ex;

I use 1.75ex as that makes the line immediately above the target not fully visible so the eye goes to the first complete line. Using 2ex makes the line above complete, which I still find confusing.